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Programs & Services

Carrying out our Mission

Programs and Services

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The Foundation carries out its mission through several key strategies:

Replicating Our Success

Replication of the Friendship School Design and sharing of best practices among the Friendship community of schools. The Friendship School Design was developed and refined over the past 17 years by Friendship Public Charter School, Inc. (“FPCS”), a 501(c)3 non-profit charter school organization that operates five charter schools serving approximately 4,000 students in the District of Columbia. FEF seeks to replicate nationally the educational programs and practices that Friendship Public Charter School has successfully delivered to low-income and economically disadvantaged students in DC.

Being a Critical Resource

Develop new Friendship schools through agreements with (i) local non-profit community-based organizations to establish and operate new charter schools, and (ii) traditional public-school districts that seek to turnaround or otherwise provide additional support for low-performing schools that serve disadvantaged populations.

Creating Partnerships Towards More Progress

Professional development for school leaders and teachers, technical assistance with school operations, and board development support for local partners. FEF seeks to deliver these programs, based on the successful experience of Friendship Public Charter School in DC, to charter schools and traditional public-school districts that seek to improve the quality of educational options for their community’s most disadvantaged students.

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We support school districts and independent charter schools with

• Friendship school replication
• School Turnaround Support
• School Takeover or Charter Conversions
• School Closing Support
• Managing School District Partnership Schools
• Professional Training for School Administrators and Teachers
• Board Governance
• Staffing
• School Operation Support Planning (transportation, food service and custodial services

What we do as a Charter Management Organization

I. Charter School Start up and Operator

Replicate and operate a Friendship Aspire Academy Public Charter School where we hold the charter. As an LEA we recruit/train school leadership, staff and students; conduct pre-opening professional development; implement curriculum, assessment, and instructional technology systems; provide other operating and financial management support; and hire a local executive director to provide on-the-ground program support

II. School Management

Provide day-to-day management for existing charter schools overseeing school administration, staff, learning, PD, HR, finance, operations

III. Turnaround Support

Enter into a formal management agreement with existing charter school governing boards, school districts and/or state authorizers to assume full management responsibility for improving a school’s performance, academic outcomes by instituting tighter financial controls and/or board management

IV. School Takeover

Support struggling schools or those slated for closure by assuming full oversight with a goal of fully converting it to a Friendship school

V. School Closure Support

Provide support services to schools scheduled to close. Support consists of HR/Outplacement services for school leaders/instructional staff; financial/accounting audits; school/student file transfer; inventory; and asset sales/auctions

VI. Professional Development

Provide an array of professional development for school leaders and teachers, instructional coaching, technical assistance with school operations, board training and development support for local partners.

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Our clients consist of:

• State Charter School Authorizers

• State Education Agencies

• School District Superintendents and Administrators

• Independent and established charter school networks

• New and established charter schools

• Charter School Governing Boards

• Charter School Funders and Philanthropy entities

• Charter Advocates, Associations, and Academic Professionals

• Parents and those interested in starting a charter school